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Fish menu

Finger Food

- Blue fin tuna  marinated with citruses zest in demi-glas sauce

- Brown butter seared wild bay scallops drizzled with champagne vinaigrette

- Rock shrimps,mint aioli and  toasted leeks



 Socket Eye Salmon tartar with avocado   red berries chutney and fresh herbs



Tonnarelli pasta (made fresh on premise), red snapper white ragu, Swiss chard puree, crumble of pistacchio di bronte


Main Course

Filet of Branzino wrapped in purple fingerling potato chips on a bed of organic cauliflowers



Key Lime and sheep's milk ricotta cheese cake   




Finger Food served as guests arrive with Champagne and Cocktails   
Menu served individually at the dinner table
Pastas made fresh on premises with organic Italian flour and semola