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B e n v e n u t o was created in 2009 by Chef Pasquale Martinelli as an exclusive private chef service Company, where his passion for fine dining experiences can be delivered in the comfort of home to Tri-state area celebrities and Business people. He brings to his guests the rich aromas and authentic flavors found in kitchens throughout Italy and brings to life the recipes many have treasured through the years. Pasquale’s philosophy of Southern Italian home hospitality is devoted to the freshest, most authentic ingredients and the unique opportunity to experience a “taste” of Italy, that has inspired his cooking through the years. In both the dining room and the kitchen, Pasquale brings this traditional, simple style to your home to create an unforgettable culinary experience that will have your guests gushing with compliments, while you enjoy the experience without the stress of preparation, presentation and planning. We will create the menu, obtain the ingredients, prepare the meal, serve your guests and perform the necessary after dinner clean up. Venue options also include private yachts, luxurious campers and private jets.
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If you are interested in hosting a fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home, please complete the form below and our staff will contact you promptly. We specialize in developing menus that combine your tastes with the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients available throughout New York City. We accept all major credit cards.
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